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Q: Who are you guys anyway? A: We are Nathan & Kara Heck, husband and wife team alongside their friend, Ryan Church and we are dedicated to providing handmade, quality products and excellent, friendly service.

Q: Can I buy with confidence? A: Yep! We do not list any pedals for sale that will not ship on the next business day. No run arounds, no crazy lead times and no excuses. We also offer a 60 day satisfaction guarantee, and we are happy to refund you if you are not pleased with your purchase.

Q: Why can’t I use a battery? A: As gigging musicians, we find power supplies to be more reliable. Murphy’s Law and all that jazz.


Q: How can I pay? A: We accept payment through PayPal. When you purchase a pedal through this site, it will automatically redirect you to PayPal for checkout. Through PayPal, all major credit cards are accepted. You do not need a PayPal account to check out via PayPal.

Q: When will my pedal ship? A: All orders will ship out on the next business day after it is placed. If we can’t fill an order immediately, the product will not be available on our site.

Q: How will my pedal ship? A: Your pedal will ship via USPS priority mail. When we process the order through their system, we will input your email address to receive tracking information.

Q: I don’t like the pedal / I changed my mind. Can I return it? A: Please refer to the page entitled “Warranty and Returns”.


The Rougarou Bass Tube Overdrive:

Q: How long will my tube last ? A: The sub-miniature tube draws such a low voltage that its life expectancy is much longer than its full sized brethren. We have had no tube failures.

Q: Can I swap the tube? A: No. The pedal is designed to operate with this particular tube.

Q: How do I change the tube? A: The tube is not socketed like it is on an amp, so changing the tube requires some skill. We’d really like you to send it to us to change so that is done correctly and replaced with the correct tube. As stated above, though, this is highly unlikely to be necessary.


Q: What kind of compressor is it? A: It is a clean optical compressor.


Q: Why is it called Boosthulhu? A: Its is a pun on CTHULHU, get cultured and read some H.P. Lovecraft.

Q: Is reading Call of Cthulhu required before using this pedal? A: No, its is not required, but highly recommended.


Q: Is there supposed to be modulation? A: Yes, the pedal gets sea sick at the top of the blend control.

The Draugr:

Q: What happens if I meet a Draugr in a old burial crypt? A: Sneak attack archery… to the head.