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Q: Who are you guys anyway? A: We are Nathan & Kara Heck, husband and wife team alongside their friend, Ryan Church and we are dedicated to providing handmade, quality products and excellent, friendly service.

Q: Can I buy with confidence? A: Yep! We do not list any pedals for sale that will not ship on the next business day. No run arounds, no crazy lead times and no excuses. We also offer a 60 day satisfaction guarantee, and we are happy to refund you if you are not pleased with your purchase.

Q: Why can’t I use a battery? A: As gigging musicians, we find power supplies to be more reliable. Murphy’s Law and all that jazz.


Q: How can I pay? A: We accept payment through PayPal. When you purchase a pedal through this site, it will automatically redirect you to PayPal for checkout. Through PayPal, all major credit cards are accepted. You do not need a PayPal account to check out via PayPal.

Q: When will my pedal ship? A: All orders will ship out on the next business day after it is placed. If we can’t fill an order immediately, the product will not be available on our site.

Q: How will my pedal ship? A: Your pedal will ship via USPS priority mail. When we process the order through their system, we will input your email address to receive tracking information.

Q: I don’t like the pedal / I changed my mind. Can I return it? A: Please refer to the page entitled “Warranty and Returns”.