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Rougarou Pedals is a handmade pedal company run by the husband & wife team of Nathan & Kara Heck along with their friend Ryan Church. Based out of Hammond, Louisiana, Nathan, Kara, & Ryan build every pedal by hand. Each pedal is based on a monster, and the company & signature pedal is named after the local Loiusiana Legend of the Rou-ga-rou, or the Cajun Warewolf. Nathan, who has been working in the pedal industry since he was 17 years old, designs the circuits. Kara, a professional graphic designer, handles all the artwork. Ryan, a master guitar player, plays test all the pedals. As a result, Rougarou Pedals are full of character and stand out among their peers. Once a Rougarou takes a bite out of you, there’s no turning back.